Classes will run for the duration of the time listed on the schedule. Please be respectful and show up to classes on time. Arriving late to class inhibits the body from warming up properly and can be unsafe. However, we do understand that life doesn't always go as planned, so if you are running late, please give us a call.

Booty Barre
A ballet inspired work out that will tone, lengthen and strengthen the entire body using a combination of small isolated movements with and without weights. Get ready to make that booty burn! No prior dance experience necessary. 
* Please bring a yoga mat to class.

Power Yoga Flow
This class will mindfully combine traditional yoga postures, strength building exercises and graceful transitions. Classes will help build core strength while providing a peaceful environment to allow students to move with fluidity and connect.
* Please bring a yoga mat to class.

Hip Hop Cardio
This high-energy dance workout will make you sweat while you connect with your inner gansta. Hip-Hop Cardio is a fast-paced, non-stop dance class that combines simple and repetitive movements with today’s trendy hits.

Booty Shaking Hip Hop
It is exactly how it sounds! Come shake your booty with us and enjoy a class that starts with a basic warm up, transitions into sexy walks across the floor and ends with a choreographed combination. This upbeat and fun class is great for anyone looking to learn music video inspired choreography.

Movin' Mountain Mamas

Movin' Mountain Mamas will only be offered in a 5 week series.
$60 for 5 week series or $14 for drop in. Please check the schedule for series dates.

This class is designed so that mom can workout while the baby is worn in a baby carrier.
As a new mom, we know it can be hard to get out of the house, especially to workout and be social--Not anymore!! Movin’ Mountain Mamas classes offer a great opportunity to take a dance class without having to get a sitter or leave your babies! It will allow you to interact with other new moms, play, bond and move with your baby, all while getting a good workout in! Perfect for all fitness levels, whether you’ve danced before or not. Join us and get movin’!

Movin' Mountain Mamas is also great for pregnant mamas as this is a low impact class and dads are also welcome!

      **Please bring: a carrier to wear your baby (Ergo, Bjorn, Moby, etc.) a blanket for baby to do floor time and a yoga mat or towel for mom.  (Babies are also welcome to stay in a car seat, boppy or on a blanket or mat.) Please wear comfortable work out clothes that you can move in and tennis shoes.

     **Baby age: There is no specific age requirement for this class.  As long as you and baby are comfortable dancing in the baby carrier, you are welcome!




Class will emphasize the foundational techniques and disciplines of traditional ballet including classical ballet bar and center work.

Booty Boot Camp
Booty Boot Camp is a booty building, booty lifting and lower body toning class that will leave you feeling strong, confident, and ready to show off those legs! Booty Boot Camp is also a great way to build cardio endurance, reduce body fat, increase lean and mean muscle mass, and improve overall strength and balance. This is a "get your booty kicked" in one hour class, but you'll leave feeling Bootylicous' and ready to take on your day!
*Tennis shoes required for class

Structured class with warm up, across the floor and combination.  Combinations provided will usually be set to more melodic music and will be technically challenging, but will also allow students to reconnect with their love of movement and to express themselves creatively.  A basic foundation of ballet or dance is strongly advised.

This class is the classic partner swing dance from the 1930s and 40s. You’ll learn basic technique in addition to energetic and dynamic movement.  Come dance, have fun, meet new people, and get great exercise all at once!

A high energy Latin dance, complete with sharp movement, sassy hips, and spins! Salsa is a great dance to show of your skillz at a club or a social gathering.

Lil' Hip Hop
This class is designed for kids ages 8-14.  We are a teaching studio and want kids in class because they love to dance and are hungry to learn more.  We will not have a specific recital at the end of the year, but will offer teaching year round.  Its a great after school activity that will challenge their brains and allow for self expression! Parents must accompany student on the first visit in order to fill out a waiver. 

At the beginning of each month a new combination will be taught and worked on throughout the duration of the month. On the last class of the month, students will get to show off their combination so parents, make sure to show up right at the end of class for a showcase!  Although attending each week will be helpful for students, it is not necessary to being included in the end of the month performance.
*Please bring a water bottle for your child to class.

Zumba® is a fusion of Latin and International music / dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and based on the principle that a workout should be "Fun and easy to do." The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.